Navigation Lab

In this lab you will implement facebook navigation Auth flow and connect the two screens that you have built so far. Below is diagram showing the flow that you are going to implement. This lab is a total of 35 points.

1.1 Splash Screen: as a user I see the splash screen shown below when I open the application for the first time. This splash screen should be displayed for 2 seconds (5 points)

1.2 LogIn: As a user I can click on the "login in with facebook" button to login using the following test user account
password: classclass. Name: wahoo wahoo (10 points)

1.3 Persistence: As a user once I login once the next time I open the app, it checks secure storage for my token and goes directly to the scroll view screen. (10 points)

1.3 Navigation Draw: As a user I see the navigation section labeled in the red. Clicking the three lines opens at the top left opens a navigation draw (10 points)

You need to provide the username and password for your test user when you submit this.

I have added the splash screen image below. Download it my left clicking on the image and saving it.